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How to Apply

Living at The Road to Hope

Before Admittance

Residents are often referred after a medically supervised inpatient rehabilitation program. They often come to The Road to Hope directly after treatment.

First 30 Days

For the first 30 days, residents build a strong, sober foundation in recovery. During this period, they often search for employment, attend outpatient treatment, and attend meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, including a mandatory Big Book Study Meeting on Wednesday evenings.

Continued Residence

After 30 days, residents continue to use the tools they acquired during the first phase while being allowed some extra freedom, including the opportunity to apply for home passes on weekends.

Goals, What It's Like, & Guidelines

See our Life at Hope House page for more information...

The Road to Hope often has a waiting list for admittance. To check availability of housing or to ask any questions, call our office at: (440) 309 - 4284.

The first step to be considered for admittance is to fill out an application online (to the left, below) or by printing the PDF version and submitting it (see below).​

Following submission, we will review your application and follow up with you, usually by phone.  We will let you know about housing availability, and coordinate a time-frame for residence at The Road to Hope.

Print Version

If you are unable to fill out the application online or would like to fill it out at another time, you can print the following PDF files, fill them out.

Online Application

Please fill out this application as fully as you can. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call our office at (440) 309 - 4284.

At a minimum, you MUST enter your Name and Phone Number (the first two fields, below) so that we can contact you about your application.