The Road to Hope often has a waiting list for admittance. To check availability of housing or to ask any questions, call our office at: (440) 309 - 4284.

The first step to be considered for admittance is to fill out an application.​

Following submission, we will review your application and follow up with you, usually by phone.  We will let you know about housing availability, and coordinate a time-frame for residence at The Road to Hope.


​​​​Living at The Road to Hope

The goal of The Road to Hope House(s) is to provide an abstinence-based, twelve-step environment within which the addicted person receives the support, guidance and faith necessary to become a productive member of our society, while living in accordance with a regimen of daily sobriety. It is The Road To Hope House Foundation’s expectation that our residents grow spiritually and in maturity and begin to behave as responsible adults.  Personal Responsibility is at the heart of our program.

What It's Like Here

Life at The Road to Hope involves opportunities every day for growth and fun in sobriety. See some of the good times we have in sobriety in our photo album.

Before Admittance

Residents are often referred after a medically supervised inpatient rehabilitation program. They often come to The Road to Hope directly after treatment.

First 30 Days

For the first 30 days, residents build a strong, sober foundation in recovery. During this period, they often search for employment, attend outpatient treatment, and attend meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Continued Residence

After 30 days, residents continue to use the tools they acquired during the first phase while being allowed some extra freedom, including the opportunity to apply for home passes on weekends.


Following are some of the guidelines for residents at The Road to Hope. A full list of rules, with explanations, will be read through with a house manager before a resident moves into the hope house. Rules are subject to change at any time.
  • Residents are charged a nominal weekly/monthly rental fee. Each resident should be gainfully employed and able to pay their own way in a timely manner.  Rent assistance is also available to those who qualify. 
  • Each resident will be assigned household chores and be held accountable for their completion.
  • Curfew for residents is at 11 P.M. Sunday through Thursday evening; and 12:00 A.M. / Midnight Fridays, Saturdays and recognized Holidays. 
  • “Lights Out” or Quiet Time begins every evening at 12:00 A.M.
  • Each resident is expected to have a sponsor and attend as many AA or NA Meetings each week as they can.
  • Non-resident drivers may pick up residents to attend meetings, provided that they have a minimum of ninety days of sobriety and a valid driver’s license.
  • Residents are required to be drug and alcohol free to maintain their resident status. Residents will be periodically tested by urinalysis.


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