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"Nobody said it would be easy, they said it would be worth it."  |  The Road to Hope House, Inc. © 2016  |  All Rights Reserved


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The Road to Hope was created in response to the growing need for a structured residential facility with a supportive environment as alcoholism/chemical dependency continues to grow in epidemic progression among our local population.  We believe that alcoholism/chemical dependency is a progressive illness that is activated by a combination of genetic predisposition and environmental circumstances.  Once activated, there is a high probability that alcoholism and chemical dependency will prove fatal without help. In even the least severe addictions, alcoholism and chemical dependency exacts enormous costs to those actively addicted, those co-dependent upon the addicted person and the general public, which is victimized by the dangers and social costs presented by the addict.  We exist to provide a cost-effective housing solution to help isolate our residents from dysfunctional living environments and to create an atmosphere guided and espoused by the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.​

The Purpose of The Road to Hope Inc.

The Road to Hope Inc. is a drug and alcohol free, residential facility in Lorain County.

The goal of The Road to Hope House(s) is to provide an abstinence-based, twelve-step environment  within which the addicted person receives the support, guidance and faith necessary to become a productive member of our society, while living in accordance with a regimen of daily sobriety.  Personal Responsibility is at the heart of our program. Our residents are required to have a sponsor, attend AA meetings and are charged a nominal monthly fee, but must be gainfully employed and able to pay their own way.

The expectation is that our residents develop and hone the discipline and attributes necessary to successfully integrate back into the community and leave our facility after a relatively short period of time. Our successful residents re-integrate happier, healthier, motivated and committed to the twelve step way of life as they return to their families, society and into the active twelve step community.

The Mission of The Road to Hope Inc.