John Sheridan

Men's Program Director

Executive & Assistant Director

Melissa Zambataro

Women's Program Director

Aubrey Oliver

Assistant Director

Aubrey Oliver was promoted to Assistant Director after two years of being the Women’s Program Director at The Road to Hope Inc. Aubrey carries with her 13 years of patient care experience in the medical field. She received her CDCA in 2016 and with that transitioned into the recovery field. Aubrey’s drive to working in recovery stems from her own journey into sobriety. Her journey began in recovery housing which adds to her belief and passion to support and guide residents in recovery housing with love, tolerance, personal experiences and hope. “Recovery housing brought me to the program and the program saved my life.” Aubrey is a lifelong Elyria resident having recently bought a house in the very community she gets to serve. Her drive and loyalty have been an asset to the residents and RTH alike. In her free time Aubrey enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as cooking and refinishing furniture. She is a diehard OSU and Cleveland sports fan. She knows giving back in the program and volunteering in her community is an essential part of recovery. Aubrey is a firm believer that God is good…ALL the time.

Niki Chaney

Women's Program Director

Niki Chaney joins Road to Hope excited to be on a new journey with the women who come to reside at Becky’s House. Niki comes to us having 12 years of experience working in adult education at EHOVE Career Center as a Program Coordinator and Instructor. She plans on broadening her experience and personal path in recovery by carrying the message that is freely given and taught to her. Niki is passionate to helping women in recovery and hopes that with her knowledge in working 12 step program, and learning to “live life on life’s terms” will impact these women’s lives. In her own journey Niki has discovered a deeper relationship with God that keeps her sober one day at a time. “I couldn’t imagine in my years of addiction that life could ever be as wonderful as it is for me today,” Niki states. The sober family support and guidance of her sponsor has given her the additional tools given to be solution minded and focus on the day. In Niki’s early part of sobriety she learned that having willingness and being open minded to listen to those that work a solid program in recovery taught her tremendous values of how to live life. She has found that she continues to learn more of herself by serving others. Niki is excited to be a part of Road to Hope’s solid foundation of recovery housing. Outside of work Niki enjoys spending quality time with her beautiful daughters. In the summer months she loves to spend hours at the beach, the winters skiing, and having fun with her friends.

Jeffrey Kamms

Executive Director

Jeffrey Kamms is the Executive Director and co-founder of the Road to Hope, a recovery housing program for individuals with substance abuse issues. Along with his staff, Jeff enjoys the challenge of bringing individuals from their dysfunctional living environments and fatal states of mind and body, to happier, healthier, motivated individuals and integrating them back into the community, and, more importantly, their family, as successful and committed members of the Twelve Step community. With over 20 years experience in recovery and over 11 years experience as Executive Director of the Road to Hope Inc., Jeff often finds himself drawing off the secret weapon that God has equipped him with: an unparalleled network of individuals and volunteers that profoundly step in and impact the lives of everyone involved. Jeff has a niche for reading the heart of an individual, and he often says "Even with all the procedures and formats that are out there, I will always love the personal touch of sitting down with each individual and having our hearts touch in a way that is unexplainable." Under Jeff's leadership the Road to Hope has grown from 1 house servings 6 individuals in 2007, to 2 houses in 2009 serving 12 individuals, to 3 houses in 2010 serving 20, to currently having a 12,000 square ft. facility and 2 houses serving 34 men and 18 women plus a meeting facility and event center serving countless individuals. Along with another location that is on the horizon in the near future. Jeff lives in Lorain county with his lovely, supportive wife Kristina and his 3 wonderful children. When not following his calling, Jeff enjoys camping, hunting, and building on his relationship with God. Jeff's motivation for life is something that came from an instrumental person in his life. Her name was Becky and she said this: "Nobody said it would be easy, but it will be worth it." Jeff can be reached at the email address listed above, he looks forward to hearing from you. God Bless!

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