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Project Hope: Phase 2

Phase 1 was only a beginning...

Opportunities for capital improvement, resident transportation issues and staff expansion are but a few of the many growing pains that we are beginning to experience. While our new facility allows us to operate with higher efficiency, the demand (and the need) for our services continues to expand! It is our stated mission to provide sober residential support, healing and personal growth to those in need. We are continually seeking private funding, donations and support.

With your help and the Grace of God, we can improve the reality of Project Hope and extend our mission to more.

Project Hope: Phase 1

As of July 18, 2014, 'But for The Grace of God' well as the generosity of several charitable foundations and numerous individual donors, many prayers were answered. We were able to secure buildings and land (the former Sacred Heart Roman Catholic church on Irondale Avenue, in Elyria) and make Phase 1 of Project Hope a reality!!!

By August 1st, we were ready to house residents in the former rectory, while additional feverish activity began in the church building.

Numerous new rooms were constructed from the ground up, as well as utilities, bathrooms, fixtures, painting and cleanup . We were able to convert this area into living space for 14 residents. With God’s help (and a lot of hard work!), this phase of the project was proudly and successfully completed by September 1st.

We can now accommodate 50% more residential clients!! This consolidation has increased our efficiency and outreach and enabled us to eliminate rental expenses associated with Hope Houses 1 & 3. The former church sanctuary will now provide us with a deluxe multipurpose room. Our plans are to best utilize this area for our residents and bring in outside help to provide them with transitional life-skill training in a variety of relevant areas including resume writing, job search/interviewing, basic accounting, anger management and personal relationships--just to name a few. This space may also serve as a meeting place for Twelve Step groups and our fundraising functions. Most importantly, we now have an on-site office for our Executive Director, client meetings and our growing administrative needs.