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The History of The Road to Hope House

Road to Hope House #1

The first of our two houses opened in August 2007. It was a rocky and shaky start in what we feel was a definite “learning period.” The dust began to settle and things started to stabilize in April 2008; and we believe the Road to Hope was paved. God started to work within the organization and began to send miracles. He sent us a group of individuals from all walks of life that were God-centered, spiritual, caring men and women that have come together as “The Road to Hope House ” Board of Directors.

Road to Hope House #2

In January 2010, we were blessed with the ability to acquire and open our second house. By February 2010, the House was fully occupied and the miracles began to unfold there, too. As we began to see the things that worked and the things that didn’t, our residential clients’ success rates began to improve, lives were being more rapidly restored and the residents became more willing and able to “give back” what so freely was given them; and the “God sent” vision clarified for our Board members and motivated us to grow The Road to Hope.


Road to Hope House #3

We are blessed with the ability to open our third Road to Hope house in September 2011. It reached full capacity by November. This significant step allowed us to increase our capabilities and to serve even further and help others, as is our purpose. We are continuing to learn and improve upon the vision of our foundation. Our successes thus far have convinced us that we are truly on a "God-directed" path.