Thomas H.

"Road to Hope taught me personal responsibility.. They helped me find hope in myself, so I signed up for college classes. I cannot wait to see what the future holds as I begin my career and further my education!


Joe Lancaster

"The Road to Hope played an instrumental role in my recovery and I’m so thankful to them. They supported me and showed me how to live...The life I have today, at one time, seemed impossible."


Dan H.

"If it wasn't for the staff at Road to Hope and the individuals I met through Road to Hope I would not be sober today.  I am coming up on two years sober and am back home with my wife and children. I could not imagine my life being any better."


Scott Bloom

"I got a job, my license back and a bank account with money in it. I bought a car and was able to drive others to AA meetings, knowing that the only way for me to stay sober was to give back and help others."

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Steve G.

"I was part of something at the Road to Hope that is hard to put into words. We with divine Hope to be restored to real life...I've seen the residents experience the joy of helping others."



"Nobody said it would be easy, they said it would be worth it."  |  The Road to Hope House, Inc. © 2016  |  All Rights Reserved

Rob K.

"Working with other addicts and alcoholics, staying active and close to my sober support, and being willing to give of my time, talent and sometimes just my ear to further the efforts of the Road to Hope.  This is something that will not change."


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Brad D.

"The Road to Hope was a safe haven for me, to learn how to start making better decisions. One day at a time, I learned about myself, my disease, the 12 steps of AA, and most importantly, God. "