The Road to Hope is a Narcan Distributor. Located at our Main offices, 1863 Liberty Ave Vermilion, Ohio 44089.

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We are sustained through donations from individuals, businesses and charitable foundations who believe in our mission. 

A special thanks to our many contributors, who have allowed the Road to Hope to continue to operate and grow recovery housing in our community for over a decade.


         Our Mission

The Road to Hope Inc. is a drug and alcohol free, 501(c)(3) residential facility in Lorain County. 

The Road to Hope Houses provide an abstinence-based, twelve-step environment within which the addicted person receives support, guidance and faith necessary to become a productive member of society, while living a regimen of daily sobriety. Personal Responsibility is at the heart of our program. We provide a cost-effective housing solution and atmosphere guided by the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.​

Our successful residents reintegrate happier, healthier, and committed to twelve step way living as they return to their families, society and the twelve step community.

Read our announcement of our upcoming expansion into Cuyahoga County!


We host weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in our event hall: We have a couple meetings starting back.

158 Irondale St., Elyria, OH 44035
Handicap accessible

Thank you to all who attended our Heroes Dinner!

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The Road to Hope is a program of good will. Fundraising events are a key revenue stream for us. Your support sustains us.

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